About us

Creastage is a prevalent mutual cooperative that operates in the event service sector.
Established in 2005 as a small group of qualified technicians with the intension of creating a young company that projected into the future, that could become a operative and administrative base capable of satifying all different needs in a constantly growing sector.

The original nucleus, consisting of six elements, has grown over time until it reached a working group of more than fifty members representing a sort of extended family where the rights and safety of the workers are protected in every form and where the professional duties, availabilities and mutual assistance among the members are indispensable requirements.

Creastage over the years has followed all the technological innovations and accompanied the regulatory changesĀ  by offering its members constant trainings (members training links) and to it’s clients forefront services (creastage services links), being able to boast partnerships with major Italian services and Italian productions (creastage customers link).