Creating and organising live shows, corporate events, theater shows, movie arenas, concerts, studio and theaters installations, heights work, these are the main areas where Creastage can offer its services and consultancy.

Our technical services


All our technical services are accompanied by certificates of conformity, correct assembly, Safety Operational Plans (POS), professional suitability and regular contributory documents.

a) Lighting Technology


We can design, implement and manage lighting systems for any situation, from a concert at a big stadium, to the small theater, through corporate events and street manifestations.

Our technicians are able to find a solution for each problem.


Our professional figures are:


tetto - creastage

b) Stage Structures


Our technicians have experience in assembly with all the most used brands for modular scaffolding, roofing, flooring, aluminum and iron trusses, wooden stage and tamponature elements.


Our professional figures are:


  • scaffolder
  • scenic builders and carpenters
  • PLE operators
  • Forklift operators
rigging - creastage

c) Rigging


We provide solutions for lifting suspended loads such as trusses, stage elements, audio equipment, electric hoists and local rigging services for live concert and temporary safety line installation.


Our professional figures are:


  • Head Rigger / Head Crew
  • Ground Rigger
  • Fly Rigger
  • Local Rigging Crew
facchinaggio - creastage

d) Stagehands


Whoever works in the events business knows how important it is to have a team of professional stagehands, a silent and constant presence, a perpetual motion that accompanies every different working stage of the event.


Our professional figures are:


  • Crew Boss
  • Stagehands

d) Production


We provide logistic support for any kind of job in your production office.


Our professional figures are:


  • Production Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Site Coordinator

Administrative Services

Creastage assures its customers that they fully comply with the legal requirements and regulations governing their activities, and provides an operational office always available to provide certificates and logistical support to ongoing productions.